1. why is commitment exclusive?

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  3. Elena from Geneva rips one from just over the have court line. Bearhugs v. Tornados during double elimination Sunday in Lexington, KY for Ladies Army IV.

    best shot from second day remote location. same A court, different angle.

  4. Seattle vs London at Ladies army IV in Lexington, KY.

    1/1250s ISO 400 f/8 shot with a D2x remote

    here is the reason why remotes are awesome- they get that shot you can only dream of while you wonder around trying to chase the shot down from the ground for when your remote can’t bag you the money shot. it just sits there waiting for the perfect composition to fall into place.

    Lots of photos from this tournament, stay tuned for more


  5. photography ruleset?!

    Photography rules are made to prevent a bad photo. If you follow all the rules set for to make ideally the perfect photo, you in turn promote meritocracy among the many. Rules are meant to be broken or at least to be bent, thus enabling the artist to be creative. He can use the rules as a guideline to his work, but also one needs to embody himself some way in his mediums of expression and this is done by manipulating the rules, in this case photography. 

  6. Wisconsin’s Brian Dillman attempts to disrupt a shot by Missouri’s Nick Kruse during the final game for the Battle of Middle West.

    just finished editing day 2 of Battle for Middle West. more to come here, click the link to see them all.  http://www.brucecarverphoto.com/Sports/bike-polo/Battle-for-the-midwest/22330462_35QggD#!i=1791394688&k=34wN4D9


  7. Lately I’ve been seeing photographs, particularity on tumblr, that have their shadows basically completely taken out, Why? Shadows are glorious in photographs, I mean they are one of the three main components of photography. they are just as important mid-tones and highlights to show in the why they are presented to your camera. personally, I like to bump up the darks because of the contrast it gives to the photo, but also blacks in shadow should be truly dark in the photo, not some gray mid-tone shade. so please show me what truly happened in front of you, not your poor artsy photoshop skills.

  10. my editor texted me to see if I wanted to shoot a fashion show yesterday. I had the time right before polo so i obliged. I was feeling creative last night so tried out a lot of different angles but when you know you have the shot, you just know. Within 15 minutes of arriving I got the shot and her name. the page layout really works with the image.

  11. it’s that time of the year to play on one of the best surfaces for polo. the Lafayette RIverside tournament is this weekend.

  12. started the 2012 season out right in columbia, MO for floppy’s annual pull-out tournament. but this had a fun feel to it, not serious for most. Went 2-1 with colleen [COMO] and knobby [STL] as team bud. missed playing in the final by a goal, o well. this is my favorite image from the weekend as Zach from Bloomington (left) and Jake from St. Louis battle for possession during the final game at the Pull-out.

  13. when a Goshawk thinks you look tasty for a moment, just keep pulling the trigger and sometimes it works out.
  14. Directv wanted this shot most of all out of all the events during their Celebrity beach bowl, the gatorade shot. I delievered.

  15. i heart my haterz